Mi Casa Antigüeña

Now that Britt and Alex have instilled the traveler mindset in me, I decided to find a Workaway and stick around Guatemala for a while longer. After spending only about $250 in the last month, I don’t have a lot of reasons to leave. However, there are lots of Guatemalan waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and small... Continue Reading →


Campeona de Regatear

In the 8 years that Britt and Alex have traveled together they have learned how make their money stretch as long as possible. They save a ton of money with their rustic lifestyle, camping everywhere they go, cooking all of their meals and coffee over fires, and drinking whatever water they can find. Their experiences... Continue Reading →

Totally Local

During our week in San Pedro la Laguna I did not hike a single volcano or jump into Lago Atitlán once. Britt and Alex were splurging on a hotel room and recovering from their crazy motorcycle trip around Guatemala and I was trying to keep it in my pants. And by that I mean I... Continue Reading →

Christmas en Guate, Cabal!

Just like when Britt and I were little girls at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp, "wake me up if you wake up first." This time, instead of sending messages via cups and strings, or cans filled with rocks tied together between our cabins, we are sending facebook messages over the best wifi we've had since traveling in... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Veggie Soup

Two days before Christmas, I was planning to meet with Britt and Alex in San Pedro, but after a week of zero communications with them, I wasn't super pressed to get there early. I decided to blow a few hours exploring Panajachel by skipping the touristy main streets and checking out La Reserva Natural. Pablo,... Continue Reading →

“Are you from Argentina?” 2

When looking for a place to sleep, instead of typing in “hostel” to Google Maps, I ask the locals about parks and green areas, then I go there in search of camping. Since this was my first time camping alone, I actually did search Google for “camping” and found a place with great reviews right... Continue Reading →

“Are you from Argentina?” 1

After that hellish overnight bus from the remote, northern jungle of Guatemala, I was not enthused about arriving outside of Guatemala City at a large shopping mall, unsure of how to get to a major train station in order to make it to Lago Atitlán. I found myself walking to the end of a long... Continue Reading →

OK, FINE, I’ll go to Tikal

...Continued from “Adios, El Sombrero” Now 2pm, I hadn’t eaten lunch and knew I was in for at least an hour long bus ride to Tikal. Admittedly, my stomach was not up to par that day. It was one of those travel days where you get out of bed in the morning and liquid runs... Continue Reading →

Adios El Sombrero!

Although I was totally hitting it off with Pablo, the Guatemalan biologist, I wasn’t feeling very comfortable or welcome in the workaway that I crashed at El Sombrero Ecolodge. The family that ran the hotel was not very warm to me and you know what? Ain’t nobody got time for cold people. Although I had... Continue Reading →

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