OK, FINE, I’ll go to Tikal

...Continued from “Adios, El Sombrero” Now 2pm, I hadn’t eaten lunch and knew I was in for at least an hour long bus ride to Tikal. Admittedly, my stomach was not up to par that day. It was one of those travel days where you get out of bed in the morning and liquid runs... Continue Reading →


Adios El Sombrero!

Although I was totally hitting it off with Pablo, the Guatemalan biologist, I wasn’t feeling very comfortable or welcome in the workaway that I crashed at El Sombrero Ecolodge. The family that ran the hotel was not very warm to me and you know what? Ain’t nobody got time for cold people. Although I had... Continue Reading →

Our private Mayan ruins

I’m so glad I second guessed everything and got off of that tour bus in Flores. Luckily I had met a cool local, like I had originally hoped, just in time to save me from gringo-land. Now, I find myself 2 hours east of Flores, sitting in a hammock on the property of El Sombrero,... Continue Reading →

New mindset

After a week galavanting with Britt and Alex on motos, I decided to go my own way. Although they are my travel gurus and some of my closest friends, I was eager to immerse myself in Spanish again and not-so-eager to follow them on their week-long trip back to Lago Atitlán on the moto without... Continue Reading →

Truly a dreamer

At the end of our stay in Lago Izabal Britt and Alex were bent on us staying with their friend Truly on the southern shore of the lake. Traveling by bus a few hours behind her moto, Britt had given me instructions on how to find the house. “Just get to Mariscos and walk across... Continue Reading →

Don’t talk to the nieghbors 2

Our last day on Kozme's land, Britt, Alex, our friend Geo and I headed out to adventure en El Boquerón, a deep canyon, and the river that runs through for miles. In this temporada, the river is full and runs strong so you can’t swim. The park was low key, huts with picnic tables and... Continue Reading →

Don’t talk to the neighbors

The property of Don Luis, where we were camping, was a bit overgrown with grass and wild plants. Although when we had arrived, he sent 2 small children with machetes out to chapear, or chop the weeds, it was still rough and filled with insects. The next morning, as I zipped up my sleeping bag,... Continue Reading →

Vamos al bush

Around 5:15pm the guide came to find us and drag us out of the hot springs, which close at 5. We opted not to pay an additional Q15 to camp at the entrance and although sunset was fast approaching we ventured out on the motos searching for a little piece of land. I got to... Continue Reading →

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