Don’t talk to the nieghbors 2

Our last day on Kozme's land, Britt, Alex, our friend Geo and I headed out to adventure en El Boquerón, a deep canyon, and the river that runs through for miles. In this temporada, the river is full and runs strong so you can’t swim. The park was low key, huts with picnic tables and... Continue Reading →


Don’t talk to the neighbors

The property of Don Luis, where we were camping, was a bit overgrown with grass and wild plants. Although when we had arrived, he sent 2 small children with machetes out to chapear, or chop the weeds, it was still rough and filled with insects. The next morning, as I zipped up my sleeping bag,... Continue Reading →

Vamos al bush

Around 5:15pm the guide came to find us and drag us out of the hot springs, which close at 5. We opted not to pay an additional Q15 to camp at the entrance and although sunset was fast approaching we ventured out on the motos searching for a little piece of land. I got to... Continue Reading →

La primera aventura

The moto I borrowed from Estuardo worked out perfectly. The day after Alex and Britt arrived we had the most incredible drive about 40 minutes around the north side of Lago Izabal. We drove on a beautiful two lane road winding through rolling pastures and opening up to expansive views of the lake. The lake... Continue Reading →

Gracias Estuardo, muy amable

My primary reason for choosing Guatemala was to meet up with my extreme backpacker friends Britt and Alex. At the time I arived to Rio Dulce, where we were planning to meet, they were on a roll of 16 nights of camping. They had been getting around on a used motorbike, una moto por segunda... Continue Reading →

Yo soy La Jimmy

I just had 3 amazing days with the family of my friend Jimmy, a Guatemalan hunk who I have had the pleasure of meeting 2 or 3 times at dinner parties in Raleigh. His family lives in a nice colonia south of Guatemala City, and accepted me in their home with only one day's notice.... Continue Reading →

But, when are you flying home?

As a backpacker, it’s super easy to find ways to cut corners and make your dollars last longer. Eating exclusively tortillas or arepas, sneaking into tourist attractions, wearing your clothes in the shower… Then, there are tricks to traveling that everyone uses which avoid unnecessary spending. For example, do not exchange currencies at the airport.... Continue Reading →

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